Tarot cards are used to predict future. It uses a combination of intuition and what is written in the cards.
Cards used for tarot reading are –
1. Major arcana consist of 22 trump cards without suits. They include pictures and ideals.
• The fool (0th card)
• The Magician ( 1st card)
• The High priestess (2nd card)
• The empress (3rd card)
• The emperor (4th card)
• The Hierophant (5th card)
• The Lovers (6th card)
• The chariot (7th card)
• Strength (8th card)
• The hermit (9th card)
• Wheel of fortune (10th card)
• Justice (11th card)
• The hanged man (12th card)
• Death (13th card)
• Temperance (14th card)
• The Devil (15th card)
• The tower (16th card)
• The star (17th card)
• The moon (18th card)
• The sun (19th card)
• Judgment (20th card)
• The world (21st card)
a. The minor Arcana consist of 56 cards consisting of 4 decks having 14 cards each including the court cards i.e. The King, The Queen, The Jack, and knight. Unlike other cards which has diamond, hearts , spades and clubs, these tarot cards possess wands, swords, cups and circles.
The person who is going to read the card generally shuffles the cards. While shuffling, the person must recall their problems in life for which they want to seek guidance. Each card has its own significance.

Tarot Is a device of Psychic Divination that causes us on a more profound level see the many go across streets throughout everyday life and assist us with settling on the correct choice.

Tarot is a device of divination to assist us with finding solutions to the numerous inquiries life raises. It encourages us get course to the numerous intersection we experience throughout everyday life. Each decision we make drives us to an alternate result. We dont understand the effect of an off-base choice. 80% of life is Destiny, yet there is an amazing 20% that is through and through freedom and one can utilize that shrewdly to get wanted results throughout their life.

It is said that when an individual gets cards while thinking about the inquiries or issues in his brain, his vitality gets reflected likely to work out chosen, bringing out with unmistakable precision, his perspective and the issues encompassing him. The cards additionally can manage the individual and disclose to him how his choices may result into a positive or a negative circumstance and so forth.

A tarot card perusing can help uncover the internal most considerations or sentiments an individual may be experiencing around then and can help an individual in settling on changes or choices identified with his profession, wellbeing and connections.

Tarot Reading is a surprisingly precise approach to pick up knowledge into your past, present and future circumstances. In light of the insight of the Zen Tarot the specialty of Tarot perusing answers your questions and encourages you better comprehend your issues and locate a practical arrangement. The underlying driver of an issue is assessed and a cure is then endorsed to the searcher.