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Marriage is an essential aspect of life and holds a vast significance in our culture and beliefs. Astro Shubh Kundli matching focuses on providing a broad, predictive compatibility forecast of your marital life, about your spouse, the bond you'll share, highs and lows, and much more based on planetary positions. You'll get to know the reasons for all this, along with what factors will prove to be fatal in marital life as per Vedic astrology. You'll get to understand how planets may influence your life and shape up your marital bond. Finally, you'll get an analyzed narrative summoning the possibility of marriage by a specific time and factors casting an impression on your marriage with your spouse. Are you worried about making decisions regarding marriage? Feel free to contact us on to get expert advice from our astrologers analyzing marriage horoscope 2021 by date of birth. Also, get a free tarot card reading in India, free Vastu Shastra tips, free analyzing of horoscopes 2021 by date of birth and a lot more. 

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Matching plays an essential role during the marriage. Hindu Scriptures observe marriage as a holy union planned even before taking birth. Marriage is regarded as the most beautiful thing in anyone's life. Everyone wants a good partner with whom one can create some lovely moments. It is the area where the actual happiness of the person lies over. Therefore, marriage is an essential aspect in India. People are very keen to find a perfect partner. Horoscopes/Kundli of both boy and girl are matched to nullify any harmful effects after marriage. Also, in any doshas, astrology offers several remedies and solutions to overcome its malefic effects. Know what is best for your future, where to live, know about your life partner, home Vastu Shastra tips free. Just log in to to clear doubts by connecting to our adroit astrologers. 


In Vedic Astrology, the act of Kundli Matching for Horoscope Matching is significant. Marriage is the holistic bond between two separate entities, bringing them together for a long and healthy marital life. There are different names for match-making, viz, Kundali Milan, Guna Milan, Horoscope Matching and Compatibility, Lagna Melapak, etc. The things considered at the time of marriage

  • Manglik Dosh
  • Strength of Navamsa Chart
  • Guna Milan                                 


Guna Milan

In India, Janam Kundli (also called Birth Chart or Natal Chart) is considered for Kundli Matching. It is based on the moon's position in the Natal Charts of the groom and the bride. In Northern India, there is a process of Guna Milan called "Ashtakoot Milan," which signifies the eight aspects of Gunas. in which "Ashta" means "Eight," and "Koota" represents "Aspects." The eight Kostas are:

Varna/Varan/Jaati: this shows the spiritual compatibility of boys and girl along with their ego levels. It is divided into four categories: Brahmins ( the Highest), Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra (the lowest).

Vasya/Vashya shows mutual attraction, control in marriage and calculates the power equation between married couples. A person is classified into five types, namely Manav/Nara (human), Varchar (wild animals like the lion), Chatushpad (small animals like deer), Jalchar (sea animals), Keeta/Keet (the insects). 

Tara/Dina: this is related to the birth star's destiny and compatibility. 27 Birth Stars (Nakshatra) are there. 

Yoni: this measures the intimacy level, sexual compatibility, and mutual love between the couple. Yoni Koot is classified into 14 animals: Horse, Elephant, Sheep, Snake, Dog, Cat, Rat, Cow, Buffalo, Tiger, Hare/Deer, Monkey, Lion, and Mongoose. 

Graha Maitri/Rasyadipati: It shows affection, mental compatibility, and honest friendship. It also represents the moon sign of compatibility between couples. 

Gana: It is related to behaviour and disposition. Birth stars (Nakshatras) are distributed into three categories- Rakshasa (Demon, indicating Tamo Guna), Manava (Human, indicating Rajo Guna), and Deva (God, indicating Sattva Guna). 

Rashi or Bhakoot: It is related to love and inner harmony between the partners. The position of planets is compared with the boy's birth chart and the girl's birth chart. Suppose the boy's moon is considered to be placed in the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth house close to the girl's moon; it is deemed bad or inauspicious, whereas the 7th and 12th houses are considered good. In the case of females, If the natal chart moon is placed in 12th from man's chart, it is regarded as inauspicious, while, in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th houses from man's chart, then it will be auspicious while 

Nadi: this is related to health and genes. Stars (Nakshatra) are divided into three parts- Aadi (Vata) Nadi, Madhya (Pitta) Nadi, and Antya (Kapha) Nadi.





















There are a total of 36 Guna Milans in the Ashtakoota. Let us check below how the scores obtained for the above Gunas are adequate for marriage purposes.

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Importance of Guna Milans 

  1. If the points obtained are less than 18- Not recommended for Marriage
  2. If the points obtained are between 18 to 24- Average, Acceptable match and recommended for Marriage
  3. If the points obtained are between 24 to 32- Very Good, successful marriage
  4. If the points obtained are between 32 to 36- Excellent Match


Therefore, the scores obtained in Ashtakoota are seen in the above table. The match getting less than 18 will not be considered an ideal couple and least recommended for marriage, In conclusion, one should keep other factors also in mind while recommending any couple's horoscopes for marriage purposes. For horoscope matching, other factors like the Manglik Doshas, the longevity of a partner, economic standing in the society, emotional endurance, etc., are also considered. Kundli matching groom and bride will let them know how stars will influence their marital life and the remedial actions to cure such obstacles. 

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1. How many guns must match for a successful marriage?

ANS- Any match with more than 18 points is considered OK. The more points, the better is the match considered.

2. Is Mangal Dosha matching is also essential?

ANS- Yes, Mangal Dosha matching is equally essential. The level of Mangal Dosha in two kundali much be almost equal.

3. Can a Nadi Dosha be ignored?

ANS- In the Ashtakoota matching system, Nadi has been given the highest point, i.e., 8 points. If the total number of points is more than 18, it is considered a good match, even if it has Nadi Dosha.

4. Can a Nadi Dosha be ignored?

ANS- In the Ashtakoota matching system, Nadi has been given the highest point, i.e., 8 points. If the total number of points is more than 18, it is considered a good match, even if there is Nadi-Dosha.

5. Is online horoscope matching accurate?

ANS- You will get the same result whether you use online horoscope matching or go to a pundit. It is because the pundit also uses Panchang or Patra, which uses the same system.


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