Karwa Chauth is an important festival for all married women. Married women observe fast of Karva Chauth for the longevity of their husbands. The women worship Shiva and Gauri by keeping Karva Chauth fast for the entire day from sunrise to moonrise. In the evening, they listen to the story of Karva Chauth and finally opens their fast by praying the moon and offering Argya to moon.

The meaning of Karva (meaning earthern pot) Chauth (fourth) is offering Argya to the moon using an earthen pot known as Karva on the Chaturthi of the Karthika month. It falls on the fourth day of the dark fortnight in the Kartika month every year hence the name Karva Chauth.

Mythological Stories related to Karva Chauth:

According to one of the mythological stories, the wives of the demigods were asked to observe fast from sunrise to moonrise for victory over the Asuras. Once there was a struggle between the Devas and the Asuras. Asuras were overshadowing the gods, the power of the gods was diminishing in front of the asuras. To defeat the asuras, he was not able to find any solution. They approached Lord Bramha since aware of the problem of the gods. He said that the wives of the gods should keep a fast for their husbands’ victory over the asuras. Considering the measures given by Brahma Dev, the wives of the gods started fasting. That day was the fourth date of Kartik month. The wives of all the gods prayed, prayed to their husbands for victory in battle. In that struggle, the Devas defeated the Asuras. When the wives of the gods learnt about the victory of demigods over asuras, all of them opened their fast by taking water at night. At that time, the moon was spreading its moonlight in the sky. After opening the fast, everyone had food.

After this incidence Karva Chauth’s fast began to be observed for the good wishes and happy life of the husbands.

Another mythological Story of Karva Chauth : There was a woman named Karwa who was deeply in love with her husband and this intense love gave her lots of spiritual powers. Once her husband was bathing in a river and that was when he was attacked by a crocodile. Karwa with her power bound the crocodile with a cotton yarn and remembered Yama the Lord of death. Yama was seriously afraid of being cursed by such a devoted and doting wife and thus he sent the crocodile to hell and gave life back to her husband. The Story of Satyavan and Savitri: It is said that when Yama, the God of death came to acquire Satyavan’s life, Savitri begged in front of Yama to grant him life. But Yama was adamant and seeing that Savitri stopped eating and drinking and followed Yama as he took her husband away. Yama now said Savitri that she can ask of any other boon except the life of her husband. Savitri being a very clever woman asked Yama that she wants to be blessed with children. She is a devoted and loyal wife and won’t let any kind of adultery. Thus, Yama had to restore the life into Satyavan so that Savitri can have children.

Tale of the Queen Veervati: Once upon a time there  lived a beautiful queen named Veervati who was the only sister among seven brothers. In one of the Karva Chauth she was at her parents house and began a strict fast after sunrise. In the evening she was waiting eagerly for the moonrise as she was suffering from hunger and thirst. The brothers were troubled by seeing their sister agony. So, they created a mirror in a Pipal tree that made it look as if the Moon is up. Veervati broke her fast unaware of her brothers trick. Soon after this, the news that her husband is dead arrived. She started weeping uncontrollably and that’s when Goddess Parvati arrived in front and revealed that she was tricked by her brothers. She was asked by Godess Parvati to keep the fast with full devotion Now, she kept the Karwa Chauth fast with full devotion and seeing the dedication, Yama, the lord of death restored life to her husband.

Story of Karva Chauth from Mahabharata: It is said that Draupadi also observed this Karva Chauth. Once Arjuna, the one whom Drupadi loved the most went to the Nilgiri mountains for self-penalty and thus the rest of the brothers were facing challenges without him. Now, Draupadi remembered Lord Krishna in this situation to ask what should be done to resolve the challenges. Lord Krishna narrated a story of Goddess Parvati where in a similar situation she performed the Karwa Chauth rituals. So, Draupadi then followed the strict rituals of Karwa Chauth and Pandavas resolved their problems.

Team Astroshubh wishes you a happy Karva Chauth.

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