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The year-2021 is the year of Mercury. The total of 2021 is five. Five is the number of stability, which the mischievous Mercury owns. The year 2021 will be full of activities since Mercury is always on the move. The promising results of this planet can be witnessed in speech, communication, and trade. Also, since the number represents firmness, this may bring some strength and determination to your life. Let us know what this year is holding for all the Zodiac signs.



Be particularly observant of all the developments going on within you and around you. Take the time to figure out and analyze before taking any action because what eyes can see is not always correct. Be calm and view situations from different points of view and then make conclusions. It's also important to remember to make a note of all possible features. What may seem insignificant at first may turn out to be incredibly decisive. Developing your practical skills will keep you sharp. Solve your mind conflicts by taking advice regarding marriage prediction by date of birth. To know more details about horoscope 2021 by date of birth and Vastu Shastra tips, call our expert astrologers today!!


Communication is a two-way street. Suppressing having feelings is as damaging as a fierce, uncontrollable eruption. Thus, if you wish others would communicate better with you, you must learn to share productively as well. There is a harmonious and efficient way. Also, focus on what is being communicated to you – by others, as well as your body, mind, and heart. Learn to listen to what's being said, as well as everything that's not being said. The subtext is critical, and understanding it will avoid unnecessary chaos and promote love. 

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It is a powerful time to confess the wounds you have mistreated to heal in the past – especially those you thought you had handled earlier – but clearly, that is not the case – else they would not haunt you. So please do not neglect this part of you because, in curing, it can finally find calmness. It isn't easy, and it's not a short journey. However, it is an advantageous one. It also assists in realizing the world (particularly the inner world) with fresh guiltless eyes (not the ones you just rolled). Cynicism will never permit you to prosper. So put down your guards and let the healing begin. Discuss your life concerns with our top astrologers to get marriage life prediction by date of birth, free online tarot card reading, horoscope 2021 by date of birth,



Take back your power! It is one thing to sacrifice for those you love, but it is a whole other thing to permit them to take you for granted! So it is an excellent time for you to stand up for yourself and what you believe is right and establish your sense of authority. Remember, your strengths are gifts you've been blessed with after you were born. No one is rated to go through life feeling helpless and incomplete– especially you! No one can take it from you, and if they have – you have every right to take it back.

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Not everything is your duty. Yes, many will come to you, and you can help everyone in whatever way you can. However, you are only human, and sometimes you need to put yourself first – there's nothing selfish about it. Only when you can take care of yourself, you have the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength to take care of others. Thus, it is essential to prioritize your needs and well-being. After all, even the Sun sets so that it can eventually rise and brighten the day. We are best known for accurate predictions, best for a free tarot card reading.



Acknowledge and honour your loved ones during – especially those you've not been able to give the time and energy to. Kind acts go a long way! In addition, verbal affirmations of affection can genuinely be powerful. It's also essential for you to acknowledge and honour yourself as – during crises and chaos – we fail to remember to do so all the time. Treating yourself to a bit of involvement everywhere can be not only incredibly uplifting but boost your sense of self multifold! Visit www.astroshubh. in to get free Vastu Shastra tips and log into Astro Shubh to solve all your worries about different life domains.



Notice the moon's cycles and how they affect your moods, emotions and how they affect your body and soul. You will be amazed to know how strongly the lunar phases strike us. Thus, keeping a record will lead you to understand a better you. Beyond how it affects you, notice how it affects the world around you – especially with the loving ones, pets even. By understanding this lunar connection, not only will you be able to navigate through life successfully – but also learn to handle yourself harmoniously effectively. Enjoy free astrology from the world's best astrologers, known for their excellence in astrology. We focus on solving our client's life problems and worries about the future



What is your story? Do you want to tell others about yourself? Answering such questions is the initial step towards evaluating your life and charting the course for where you want to go. Finally, it is your birthright to have ownership of your own life story. Remember that no one can express you. None can put a label on you, nor even throw you in a box – until and unless you allow anyone. Your identity is your own. And thus, it's oh so vital for you to take charge of it. For online free tarot card reading—log into www.astroshubh.in to converse with our astrologers and our team regarding your problems.



It is said that the light of a single candle can illuminate even the grandest halls of darkness. Thus, remember that it is essential to feed your light by adding more light. After all, intention leads to attention! So, feel the power of optimism – don't let the cynics tell you otherwise. Understand that no matter how complex or dreary life can get, there is always hope to keep us afloat. After all, it is hoped that allows the world to survive, no matter Pandora opened the prohibited box that unleashed all the evils into the world. So do not dim your light to please the darkness in others. We try solving your problems by reading your horoscope by date of birth, take advice for free marriage life prediction by date of birth get in touch with our expert astrologers today!!



Everything that you need is all around you and within you! There is nothing that can truly fulfil your desire. That's not already within your ownership. Do not feel timid about using your resources – even the brightest gemstone has no value if it's disintegrating away, concealed from the daylight. You are a powerful reservoir– of not only bountiful love – but also of incredible spiritual energy. So don't be frightened to look inside and tap into all that potential energy within you. Do it without blame. It'll cure you in ways you can't imagine. Get answers to common questions like what is my zodiac sign by date of birth, free true marriage predictions, and Vastu Shastra tips. 


There are forces more significant than what our eyes can see that signal you to walk upon a path you're hesitant to tread. Remember that when we trust the stream's current, it will instinctively let us hover to our destiny rather than grapple entirely with the current and hinder us. Remember, despite scepticism all around, and you are a deeply intuitive person, that strong capability has been inside you since you can remember, and listening to it has always helped you in the past. You know what happens when you ignore it. Get free online tarot card reading, marriage horoscope by name and date of birth, read your horoscope 2021 by date of birth, true marriage prediction for free on Astro Shubh.



 There's so much bottled-up energy within you that it is requesting to get free. After all, suppression of anything can make it poisonous. It is not needed to explain what happens when we hoard toxins within us. Let it out, let it go, and find ways to healthily and peacefully move on. When we hoard excessive energy within us, we rob ourselves of the ability to thrive in life. Why do that? Simple things such as regular exercise (especially yoga), breathwork, and even getting much-needed sunlight can work wonders! Live your best life! You deserve a joyful and triumphant life – put this energy towards achieving it.

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